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Employment zones reform

In recent years the NSW government has identified a growing necessity for more strategic planning in the employment sectors surrounding local government areas. To put this concept into laymen's terms, the NSW government is attempting to simplify the employment zoning process.

Retail facilities in previous years usually facilitated large warehouses traditionally defined as 'Warehouse or Distribution Centres'. They were typically used to transport large amounts of goods to a retail facility. In more recent times there has been a shift where we are seeing stores becoming an almost 'semi showroom'. Customers still can purchase goods but are starting to browse goods physically and/or online. Then at the customers convince they can buy their desired goods online and have them delivered straight the customers location of choice. Therefore large scale warehouses are becoming less desirable.

It is our belief that by making these changes it will grant local councils the ability to better deal with retail outlets and warehouses. This will enable local councils to better plan their LGA's to serve society as a whole.
If you wish to read more about this new reform click the links bellow.
NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment Employment zones reformPlanning for the future of retail — Discussion paper

New Draft Local Character Clause

The DPIE (Department of Planning, Industry and Environment) is exhibiting a proposed draft Local Character Clause. The proposed clause is intended to be included in the Standard Instrument Local Environmental Plan.

Local character can be difficult to define when assessing development applications. The DPIE has recognised this issue and has proposed a new clause that will allow councils to adopt a map overlay. The overlay will identify specific boundaries of Local Character in certain areas and will require council to consider local character when assessing development applications.

The Explanation of intended effect is on exhibition until the 29th of January, if you wish to have your say or read more about this matter click the link below
Draft local character clause

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