How will Sydney's planning sector recover after Covid-19?

Covid-19 has had a disastrous effect on the economic and social sector of Sydney. This has led to a negative impact on Sydney's growth and sustainability. 

Due to Sydney's economic and social downturn due to Coronavirus, a new planning strategy has been adopted by the City of Sydney. Lord Mayor, Clover Moore released a statement saying that this new strategy will promote job creation and economic growth while protecting the inner-city's heritage and public spaces.

Following extensive community consultation involving communities, businesses, landowners and industries as well as block by block research the City of Sydney Council has made the following changes the to planning frame work:
  • Phasing out the incentive for residential development of additional floor space over two years
  • Saving time by allowing a project to proceed to a detailed design development application (stage 2) based on the approval of the concept design
  • Excluding the northern part of the Kent Street tower cluster around Gas Lane, which is a transition area between the residential character of Millers Point and the commercial centre
  • Removing the proposed additional 30m in height control in the same northern Kent Street area
  • Updating guidelines for site-specific planning proposals in central Sydney to allow landowners to lodge planning proposals.

Local council contributions levy

Local council will also be consolidating the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces to amend regulations to allow for a contributions Levy of three per cent for new development.

How Sydney will last after the current pandemic is over is still unclear. Still, it is reassuring for many residents, businesses, landowners and developers that steps are already beginning to be put in place so when the current restrictions have subsided due to the pandemic Sydney siders will be better equipped to return to life as usual.

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